A little more done last night.

He walks over to the window and pulls the curtains apart. It’s a bright morning, sunlight fills the room.

 He quickly closes them again.

 A knock at the door, he walks towards it and opens it. A woman walks in. She is young, wearing a long woollen coat and scarf. She’s carrying a shopping bag. This is Andrea.


Why don’t you open the curtains?


I just did.


They’re closed.


It’s too bright.


And you’re not.

 She struts over to the window and flings the curtains open.

 Tony visibly winces.


Just because you don’t go outside doesn’t mean that you have to sit in darkness.

 She takes a bottle of water out of the bag and places it on a table.


How much?


Next to nothing, a hour and a half maybe.


You look it.




So what do you think about?




When you can’t sleep.


Everything, mainly what’s on the news and reading.


Did you try this time?


I did, I had my eyes shut for ages but my head wouldn’t switch off.

She takes out a small packet from the bag.

 It rattles when she moves it.


(Pointing at the box)

Vitamins, new ones.

Tony picks up the box and looks at the back.


What was wrong with the old ones?


They don’t sell them anymore.


Why not?


I don’t know, things just move on. Tony, you don’t go outside so how would you know? It’s the same as the other ones. Probably a different coloured packet.

 Tony takes out one of the pills, shoves it in his mouth and then gulps some water.

So we have the first look of the pills that will form the turning point in the story. Eventually Tony will work out that rather than supplement him these pills are exactly what’s keeping him awake. I’m also trying to make Andrea’s questions seem innocent enough but actually be used as medical research, hence the asking him how many hours of sleep he got. This dialogue is extremely rambling and might get cut down a bit in future drafts but I think we’ve established that Tony relies on Andrea as his connection to an outside world he doesn’t go to.

Currently, the script hasn’t hit the ‘vanishing point’. By this I mean the line or action in which you suddenly realise that you have a foothold in it and it’s pretty easy to go from there. This occurs mainly once I’ve set up the preparation  the character names, the relationships and can build on that information. I’ll probably come back to it on Friday, my next day off.

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