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Library Paste

Another few hundred words. It doesn’t sound like a lot but as of now I’m over the 50,000 words mark. When I think back to how long it took me to grind through the 30-40k part (about the entire of last winter it seems) then I’m really happy that I’ve gone through 40-50 in the last couple of months. I’m about 5000 words away from wrapping up a first draft.

The chapter I’m currently on is suffering a bit from being a written story that was once going to be a film. There’s quite a lot going on visually and I feel I’m maybe skimming overĀ  character’s reactions and thought processes.

But this is what rewrites are for!

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A Dance Like Electrons

Being on holiday from my day job for the last ten days or so has meant I’ve assumed my natural sleeping pattern. This means that I’m finding myself staying up until around 1am and getting out of bed in the morning after 8am. It also means I’ve been starting writing session much later than usual. Usually, if it got beyond 10pm, I’d not really bother starting up my laptop and writing because it would be too late to late to get anything of significance done and I’d usually have work to get to early the next morning. Without that barrier I’m finding myself getting started at 11:30pm some night and still getting good chunks done. To be honest I think I might write better with moonlight.

1000 words done again tonight.

Getting closer.

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Hello To India

The plan this evening was to get another good few words done on ‘The One Who Left’. I opened by laptop to begin with a feeling like I was going to batter through this in next to no time. I was on the starting line and ready to go. Then that idea was suddenly put to the kerb.

‘Windows is updating, your computer may restart several times’.


With a heavy sigh I let my computer do its thing.

Maybe tomorrow.

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Music & Atmosphere

As part of my job I often spend a fair chunk of time talking to different types of people face to face (I dispense prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses if you’re desperate to know). It often means I get to hear a lot about what these people do for a living. I workmate was mid dispense with somebody yesterday and called me over as the fellow was a writer too.

He wrote war stories. I asked him if this took a lot of research to which he said it did but military history was part of his previous job.

He then told me that he tries to keep away from a computer as much as possible during the writing process. He always keeps a card file with his characters in and refers to that as he goes along typing. Apparently this helps him because he’s not searching through files on a hard drive when he’s wondering what each character would do.

Thinking about it that’s really good advice. This might be worth considering for book two if I get around to it.

We wished each other luck with our individual projects and I got back to work.

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National Writing Day

Upon checking my Twitter feed this morning as Scotland bubbles under uncharacteristically 28c heat I am told it’s National Writing Day. Whilst it’s not over yet it also isn’t looking like I’ll add more to my word count today. I have however written something and it’s extremely important. My book now has a title after the last 15 months of having a blank space at the start.

‘The One Who Left’.

It’s clicking into place now.

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Fret For Your Lawsuit

It’s probably a big mistake to start thinking about new projects before you’ve finished the current one but, as I get towards the end of this story, I’m doing exactly that.

Writing another book will really depend on how well this one goes. This entire blog was created at a time when I was writing a short play and U haven’t written another one since. I’m proud of giving it a go and happy it got performed but I’m not sure bothering a stage again is in the future.

Same goes with a short film. I wrote one, it got made and I have yet to return to the format.

Essentially I seem to be trying a hand at any given medium and seeing what sticks.

Next might be a game. A lovely, story driven downloadable game. We’ll see what shape that takes as the time comes.

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Fret For Your Contract

Everything must change.

I’m getting towards the end of this first draft and asking myself what exactly are the changes in each character’s outlook after the events that take place? How does rhus situation make them view the world differently?

For some it doesn’t seem that much. My police officer currently seems really passive. The story just seems to happen around him and he’s just three reacting to everything rather than any decision he makes driving things forward. It’s the main problem I’ve identified so far.

But maybe it’s a bad idea to get hung up on the process right now, not until U’ve been able to write THE END anyway.

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Fret For Your Latte

Another 1000 words down.

Now I’m rapidly getting to the stage when I have to decide between two endings. One makes no sense but is quite exciting whilst the other is logical and boring. A nice combination of the two might be where we strike it if such a thing is at all possible.

In other news I found the notebook I used when planning this book early last year. I have seemingly ignored pretty much all the groundwork I did. I may regret this in a big way very soon.

Home stretch is just about there though. Not long now.

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Fret For Your Prozac

My town needs a name.

All the while I’ve been writing this book I’ve never given the town itself anything like a name. It remains in my head something of a combination of my home town of Gretna and Pittenweem in Fife. These two places are separated by 150 miles or so in actual geographical terms but I’m taking the tourism and hotel bars of Gretna and mixing it with the harbour and seafront of Pittenweem. Whilst it works quite well as a slice of Scotland it seems odd that it doesn’t really have a sense of place yet due to lacking anything of a name.

I’ve been experimenting by coming up with a Scottish sounding place name and then Googling it to make sure it doesn’t exist. I haven’t found one so far.

I’m also thinking that the place name may also be the title of the book itself.

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A Warrior’s Dreams

About 2000 words done in the last few days which is fairly good progress considering the complete standstill this book was at just before Christmas. It’s been a gradual process of getting back into it by doing a couple of hundred words here and there.

A thought occured to me that suddenly made this part of the process make sense. What I’m writing at the moment certainly needs a rewrite but that’s adding colour. This part is just the pencil outline. I should hopefully be able to see where the colour needs to go as I reach the end.

With 33000 words done now it has only just sprang up in my mind that this is more than halfway.

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